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We have to admit, we aren't really into the "to do lists" that include laundry and groceries. We are more into the types that motivate us to complete a challenge while whetting our whistle at the same time. As self proclaimed beer snobs and creators of many to do lists for To Do Today, we crafted a list in March of 2018 that we actually wanted to do: the Connecticut Brew To Do List. 

Right away, it was evident that we were not the only ones thirsty for this list. As of May 2018, our revised version of the original has been shared over 1,000 times (that we know of) and we are proud to see it showing up on local news channels, brewery pages, and beer enthusiast groups reaching across our country. 

With the amazing response, we put creating this site on our to do list. After a few hard working months behind the scenes, we are excited to share all that CT breweries have to offer

(and soon more!)

The Brew To Do List strives to foster awareness of local brewers sharing their love for their libations. 

With the spirit of loving a challenge (and maybe a little friendly competition), it is our mission to give our followers their own mission: visit as many of the breweries on the designated list as possible. Lists might be by state, by region, by city; they might include just 9 breweries or 99. No matter the format of the list you choose, the challenge stands: Can you check off all of the breweries on your 

Brew To Do List? 

If the answer is yes, you better Hop To It!

The Hop To It Challenge offers BREWARDS to those who share our mission in visiting as many breweries as possible. 

After visiting a brewery, visitors may submit a picture from their experience to us for one credit toward completing a state list.  Credits will accumulate into BREWARDS including bumper stickers, bottle openers, t-shirts, pint glasses, hats and hoodies. Interested? Let's get hoppin'.

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